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Hi, This is Drew. My uncle asked me to talk about Alex and Igor and our all friends who are¬†expert Russian window craftsmen at the Window Station in San Francisco, the Bay area and surrounding areas. He’s the one who really wrote this because I can’t read yet, but I told him it was OK since he made me this website. :)

I like Igor. He is a nice guy from the former Soviet Union, now Ukraine, and has a Russian sounding accent. My uncle works for him. He built their website and does their marketing online. He says it’s easy to market them because the people they work for love him and the crew because they are always so helpful. They get lots of reviews online and on their website, so it’s easy to promote them and their work.

My uncle says… Whenever people hire them, they always take a lot of time out to answer questions and provide them with all the information they want and need. They really know their stuff and how to get permits and approvals which is very difficult in the city of San Francisco. That alone makes their services worth it for most people who just don’t have the time or can’t do it by themselves. They’re fast, cordial, and true gentlemen while working, and they breeze through the projects. The final results on people’s homes and businesses are at least very good and generally superb. Everyone says the same thing about them over an over again, so you know it’s true.

When I get a little older we’re going to visit San Francisco, the Bay Area and the NAPA Valley. We’ll probably see San Diego and Hollywood too. We’ll see Alex and they’ll show us the sights and their work around the different cities in California. My uncle has always wanted to go there. I like playing with him and I’ll get to take a trip so I’ll go to. Alex said he’ll give us wine to drink to. I don’t know if I like that yet, but we’ll see. My Mom and Dad and my Pop-Pop all like it. They told me they make it out there. All the best to the Window Station.

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Welcome to Drew Meyer’s Blog. This is the first post. Feel free to register and then blog about Drew. Anyone can do it!

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